Heroes of naturism : Paula Brindisi

Paula Brindisi.

Argentinian activist in defence of public nudity. She’s been doing this a long time now, from young woman to motherhood and beyond.

She’s on Twitter. She’s on Facebook.  

She’s director of a project called Urban Nudismo.who have their own FB page.

On Vimeo. On youtube. 

She also turns up on Flickr under her own name and as Avril X (not sure what the significance of this is)

And other social media. Wow! Here’s a woman who had dedicated a large part of her life to normalising nudity in Argentina. Of making it normal and acceptable.

A personal crusade, and we salute her for it!


Let’s have a ball

So…last night I was dancing!

I’m not a great dancer, and have always been very self-conscious about it. Even more so in a room full of Scots giving it the full Highland fling they learned in primary school.

On the upside, a string quartet had also been hired (the two violinists sitting in with the ceilidh -traditional Scottish music- band that led most of the proceedings).

Now, I can’t waltz, but I can at least do that with a little bit of awkward grace, so Jim and I (and others) took to the floor to waltz around a bit without standing on each other’s toes.

When we got up this morning, and into the car, the BBC were broadcasting the New Year’s Day concert from Vienna, a celebration of all things Strauss and waltz-y. So we listened to that while driving home.

We fell into a kind of dreamy state while listening. We weren’t speaking (in the sense that we were listening, not that we’d fallen out! 😉 ) and my mind was going into overdrive. SL related, oddly enough.

A hair-brained, madcap scheme…

I drifted away from Vienna to Venice, and its masked Carnivale.

This year Carnivale runs from January 27th to February 13th.

It takes place over a number of venues…and this got me thinking about a SL equivalent (I admit it was Howie’s Xmas and New Year soirees which partly inspired this; they take place over different days to maximise the number of attendees).

So…on Saturday 27th of January, to coincide with Carnivale’s Grand Opening…I’d like to do something ‘carnival’ and ‘masked’ like in SL. With a twist. A naked twist.

I’ve found free waltzing pose balls on the Marketplace, I’m out looking for venues, there’s dozens of cheap yet impressive masquerade masks on the MP, some are available free inworld. All I need now is (a) the right venue and (b) a suitable radio feed and…


…any takers? I feel it would be something just a bit different.


Here we go again…

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m posting this a few hours into the New Year, just home from a plush hotel in the Scottish Highlands. Most of the post was constructed during the past week, but as we were travelling today, and not home until late afternoon, I thought I’d prepare, in advance, the chance to offer you a very Happy and peaceful New Year, from all of us at SL Naturist.

Duncan and Diana have the balloons.

We now enter our seventh(!) calendar year as a blog, something I wasn’t sure would last seven days, weeks or months when I started it, in conjunction with Howie, away back in November 2011.

French avatar Guillaume poses with Flower Fairy

Lavinia raids Howie’s wine cellar

I’m afraid I overdid it last night, lol. And here are the photos to prove it…

Yep! Feeling rough at 1030am this morning. Well, slightly rough. I certainly drank more than I’d be used to having, and it kind of sneaks up on you when you start to realise just how many you’ve had over the course of an evening. My usual intake is a glass, maybe two, of wine at the weekends. Last night? A glass, maybe two, with the meal. And then the rest! 😦

Anyway, feeling slightly better now and ready for another calendar year’s blogging.


The Lava Lamp

The lava lamp. You all know of it, and maybe even own one. Did you know it was invented invented in 1963 by British accountant Edward Craven Walker, also the founder of the British lighting company Mathmos? No? Perhaps not of huge interest to you. But Craven Walker was also a naturist who opened his own club on the south coast of England and subsequently became embroiled in a bit of a stance that wouldn’t pass muster within naturism today, banning obese individuals arguing that obesity defied ideals based on a healthy spiritual and physical life.

Part of his naturism also included film-making. In the 1950s/60s nudity in film was taboo but he evaded censors by not showing pubic hair. Craven directed the naturist film Travelling Light (1959), probably the first British naturist film.  

Anyway, here I am in the company of a lava lamp, in the Eden Sparrow Boathouse (part of the Eden Naturopolis estate), thinking about something that will be revealed in a subsequent post.


The Santa Skinnydip

It’s that time of year when naturists (and textiles) feel it’s a good idea to strip off to nothing (or a swimsuit) and go into icy water! As the above gallery testifies!

It’s no different in SL, with Howie’s New Year’s Eve Party concluding with a dawn(!) ‘Santa Skinny’. We covered the same event last year in a blog post called ‘Polar Bares’.

That post  -Polar Bares- was more from real life, rather than Second Life, but Howie had different ideas this year. So, above, a photo of Bill, Camille and I doing a ‘Santa Skinny’, although I’m cheating `Howie’s ‘nothing but a Santa hat’ rule by wearing a scarf. Brrrrr!!!!! (And cheating further in that the photo was staged at the Christmas Party as I knew I wouldn’t be around in SL for the New Year’s Eve bash…which I hope someone took photos of!) But hopefully it illustrates what once again we can replicate RL inside SL.)

And below a video of an almost naked Polar Bare swim from Vancouver in 2015.

Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day…all now appear to have some sort of ‘Polar Bare’ or ‘Santa Skinnydip’ events attached to them in various locations around the globe.

Scotland has a two day New Year’s holiday every year, with most people absent from work (and hungover!) on January 1 & 2. There’s an event we’re attending on the morning of January 2nd, textile rather than naturist, but it looks like fun and will be raising money for a local charity, so all in a good cause.

Hopefully by the time I’ve published this I’ll be up and about, not too hungover, and ready for the drive home to see my ‘bairns’ (a colloquial Scottish word for children).