Let’s have a ball

So…last night I was dancing!

I’m not a great dancer, and have always been very self-conscious about it. Even more so in a room full of Scots giving it the full Highland fling they learned in primary school.

On the upside, a string quartet had also been hired (the two violinists sitting in with the ceilidh -traditional Scottish music- band that led most of the proceedings).

Now, I can’t waltz, but I can at least do that with a little bit of awkward grace, so Jim and I (and others) took to the floor to waltz around a bit without standing on each other’s toes.

When we got up this morning, and into the car, the BBC were broadcasting the New Year’s Day concert from Vienna, a celebration of all things Strauss and waltz-y. So we listened to that while driving home.

We fell into a kind of dreamy state while listening. We weren’t speaking (in the sense that we were listening, not that we’d fallen out! 😉 ) and my mind was going into overdrive. SL related, oddly enough.

A hair-brained, madcap scheme…

I drifted away from Vienna to Venice, and its masked Carnivale.

This year Carnivale runs from January 27th to February 13th.

It takes place over a number of venues…and this got me thinking about a SL equivalent (I admit it was Howie’s Xmas and New Year soirees which partly inspired this; they take place over different days to maximise the number of attendees).

So…on Saturday 27th of January, to coincide with Carnivale’s Grand Opening…I’d like to do something ‘carnival’ and ‘masked’ like in SL. With a twist. A naked twist.

I’ve found free waltzing pose balls on the Marketplace, I’m out looking for venues, there’s dozens of cheap yet impressive masquerade masks on the MP, some are available free inworld. All I need now is (a) the right venue and (b) a suitable radio feed and…


…any takers? I feel it would be something just a bit different.


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