The Santa Skinnydip

It’s that time of year when naturists (and textiles) feel it’s a good idea to strip off to nothing (or a swimsuit) and go into icy water! As the above gallery testifies!

It’s no different in SL, with Howie’s New Year’s Eve Party concluding with a dawn(!) ‘Santa Skinny’. We covered the same event last year in a blog post called ‘Polar Bares’.

That post  -Polar Bares- was more from real life, rather than Second Life, but Howie had different ideas this year. So, above, a photo of Bill, Camille and I doing a ‘Santa Skinny’, although I’m cheating `Howie’s ‘nothing but a Santa hat’ rule by wearing a scarf. Brrrrr!!!!! (And cheating further in that the photo was staged at the Christmas Party as I knew I wouldn’t be around in SL for the New Year’s Eve bash…which I hope someone took photos of!) But hopefully it illustrates what once again we can replicate RL inside SL.)

And below a video of an almost naked Polar Bare swim from Vancouver in 2015.

Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day…all now appear to have some sort of ‘Polar Bare’ or ‘Santa Skinnydip’ events attached to them in various locations around the globe.

Scotland has a two day New Year’s holiday every year, with most people absent from work (and hungover!) on January 1 & 2. There’s an event we’re attending on the morning of January 2nd, textile rather than naturist, but it looks like fun and will be raising money for a local charity, so all in a good cause.

Hopefully by the time I’ve published this I’ll be up and about, not too hungover, and ready for the drive home to see my ‘bairns’ (a colloquial Scottish word for children).


One thought on “The Santa Skinnydip

  1. Simply amazing pics and video. Neither of us can imagine doing this. We too are acclimated to warm weather and water.

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