When real life impacts on SL Naturist

I passed through the lounge this evening and Countryfile was being shown, as a repeat, on BBC at 730pm.

This is the programme that I featured in a blog post before Christmas and gave our Heroes of Naturism awards to presenter Kate Humble and co-swimmer (and film maker) Natasha Brooks for their naked wild swimming exploits in Wales.

I don’t know how people search for things, but 400(!) people have passed through SLN today searching for stories/images relating to the show’s repeat broadcast. Incredible!



2 thoughts on “When real life impacts on SL Naturist

  1. People are voyeurs at heart and will look for the unusual nude events or activity. Still don’t know how these two ladies do that……….brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……… Mr T

    • Well, I was in the Irish Sea in a swimsuit for a charity swim yesterday! And yes…..brrrrrrrrrrr…… The swimsuit didn’t add any layer of warmth, so I might as well have been in nude. Some intrepid swimmers had the foresight to buy wetsuits….which seemed like a bit of a cheat to me! 🙂

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