Naked skateboarding


Skateboarding doesn’t have as much of a culture or history in the UK as in the US, although we seem to have numerous skateboard parks.

It was never something that came across my radar even as a teenager, and at the time I was those of a similar age to me who indulged in it seemed to be weird guys who put baseball caps on backwards and said ‘dude’ a lot. I’m not knocking skateboarders -everyone has their own way of enjoying themselves, so knock yourselves out- but at the time it seemed like adherents of the sport were wannabe Americans stealing wholesale from US skateboarding culture rather than developing their own variation on it. I’ve no idea if this is still the case, and I’m way beyond an age where skateboarding is part of my leisure culture. I assume that the UK may now have a slightly different skateboarding culture that’s a bit more unique.

Anyway, naked skateboarding appears to be an adjunct of the WNBR rides. The pictures, above, got me wondering if naked skateboarding is a possibility in SL too.

Well, in theory, it is but surprise, surprise, it’s one of the things I’ve discovered there isn’t a huge opportunity to do in SL, clothed or naked, at a dedicated skateboard park. However, that’s not to say my model wasn’t able to find a host of ‘urban’ sims where it was easily done.


One thought on “Naked skateboarding

  1. I am into naked skateboarding and it is definitely recommendable, I started experiencing this during the WNBR rides and since then I am a regularly practicing this way. It gives a sense of freedom and freshness. Skateboarding and lonboarding should be donde nude by any dude! I regularly do it only with socks and sneakers, sometimes a T shirt may help if you sweat too much, but nothing else is required!

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