Australian Flu

The UK and Ireland* are currently in the middle of an epidemic of what has been dubbed ‘Australian flu‘, with many people off work, doctors’ surgeries bursting at the seams, hospital admissions up and every workplace you visit or hear of ravaged by absent staff who have succumbed to it.

Worst hit are Belfast (in Northern Ireland, just across the Irish Sea from here) and Plymouth (in Devon, the red area at the bottom left of England). A couple of areas of Scotland are relatively unaffected, probably more to do with being relatively unpopulated more than some sort of special cock-a-leekie soup being offered to fend it off. *As for the map…Ireland hasn’t fared any better. If anything, it’s worse with a variant which has been dubbed Japanese flu, apparently more contagious than the ‘Australian’ version.

I’m guessing that Belfast, and the rest of Northern Ireland (?) are being recorded as one of the ‘hot spots’ in the UK because they’re being bombarded from two directions by two different strains of flu.

And, well, I’m also succumbing to it. 😦 with several of the symptoms now apparent. With a husband overseas for a month, it’s exceptionally difficult to manage three children on my own so my mother-in-law, happily flu-free thanks to being of an age where she gets an annual flu-injection, is about to move into the guest room until I begin to feel ‘better’. I have to say that I’m not confined to bed, or incapable of functioning, but I am incapable of functioning at full speed, with every limb aching right now. With three active children to manage Gran’s presence is welcomed.

As a result, I expect there may not be too many posts as I attempt to fight it off or at least lessen the symptoms. If all goes quiet(ish) on the blog for a few days, well, it’s the double-whammy of single parenting and flu.


3 thoughts on “Australian Flu

    • Me too! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll survive it, but colleagues are dropping like flies, as are friends and family members, hence the slow-down in blog posts.

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