Saggy Boobs Matter

I’ve been reading up on some online movement called ‘Saggy Boobs Matter‘.

There’s a website by the movement’s originator, Chidera Eggerue, here.

If you can receive BBC videos in your location, you’ll also see a short video of Chidera speaking about it.

I’m not well enough endowed to really be ‘saggy’, but I don’t understand the need for everyone to look the same. Breasts (and nipples) are as varied as their owners. I’m not entirely sure there needs to be an internet thing about it, but if it helps some women feel more confident about themselves, I’m not going to knock it.

In SL we female avatars have a capacity to alter ‘breast gravity’ (i.e our ‘sagginess’).

I always set mine to 100% because it looks more natural on an avatar. Anything less seems to resemble a boob job gone wrong!

However you look in real life, ladies, learn to love your body. You’re beautiful! You’re always beautiful! Never feel you need to fit with anyone else’s -particularly the media’s- ideals.