A couple of weeks ago I was reading about a Costa Rican ‘cult’ called Melanation.

Led by the charismatic Eligo Bishop, of course nudity features a bit.

The Melanation religion preaches that humans are “God” and nudity is a way of being closer to nature. The latter bit I’d agree with, the first bit, well, Christians might argue that god is within us.

Of course, when you read that men are polygamous in nature and as such can marry multiple wives but that women only need one man alarm bells begin to ring. It begins to sound like the same old patriarchy in action and the leader wanting to have his cake and eat it.

Some of the concept, living naked in the jungle and eating naturally grown foods, sounds idyllic, up to a point. But when other elements are introduced…no. Just another false ‘god’ with feet of clay.



I saw this arty photograph online and thought it was fantastic, pink flesh and pink flamingos juxtaposed to a blue dress and sky.

It also made me think of where I take my naturist holidays in Spain,  because flamingos are in abundance there, using salt water lagoons near the resort of flying overhead on their way to Cabo de Gata National Park.

I’m not really a wildlife enthusiast, but it’s still beautiful to see a flock of these birds in the wild, or flying over, and I’ll certainly drag myself away from the beach for a bit every trip to go and watch them.

For me, being in nature is part and parcel of my broader naturism. And I’m not alone in that line of thinking. Many naturists will tell me that they’re not wildlife enthusiasts, or environmental warriors, and yet they will often stop what they’re doing to observe wildlife, or reflexively ensure they aren’t leaving plastic bottles on the beach and causing litter or a danger to wildlife. It’s almost subconscious at times. Naturists simply embrace a bit of care for the planet they inhabit.

Not flamingos, but French avatar Sandrine enjoys the company of some bird life.


A brief history of the nipple

BBC web pages carry a short video (3 mins) which explains the history of the nipple (in art and society).

I’m not sure if this will be available widely around the globe, or if viewing is confined to those of us within the UK.


I’ve covered many of the questions asked in the video within this blog, but I have to say that it’s interesting to see it compiled and compressed for a non-naturist audience.


Year of the dog

Chinese New Year began yesterday, February 16th, and I’d like to wish all of our Chinese readers a happy new year…



Thanks to long standing SL friend Xiu for reminding me about it, and also posing in an Chinese kind of setting in an appropriate  kind of SLN setting 🙂