Progressing naturism?

Now that I’ve got SL time to play with again, I’ve found over the past couple of weeks that I’ve got nothing SL (or indeed RL) naturist related to write about!

We’re deep in the dead and cold of a northern hemisphere winter, and there’s nothing really RL naturist going on right now. If I turn my attention to the Southern Hemisphere, well only the Rio Carnival (or Mardi Gras) has been offering any sense of public nudity. And we’ve already covered that extensively in previous years.

I have a sense that, as time goes on, there is less of a need for minuscule, ‘revealing’ costumes as there is for merely applying some body paint, glitter and ‘jazzle’ to a body-canvas and that is pretty much acceptable. Obviously, as someone who celebrates public nudity in all its forms, and sees it as the opportunity to normalise the human body in society, I welcome this.

I suppose it was almost 80 years ago that the ‘topless’ ban for male swimsuits was disposed of, and it’s 50 since the topless swimsuit for women first emerged. Odd that in the past 50 years, then, there has been no further progression towards accepting bodies as bodies, and making nudity on beaches acceptable everywhere.

Certainly, there has been a small expansion of nudist facilities in that time, although nothing like I’d have hoped for, and naturism existed before and after males were going topless on beaches, but I’d have hoped that over the course of fifty years we could have moved society forward to the point where all beaches were theoretically naturist for all who chose to swim or sunbathe thus.

And yet we’ve become stuck, bogged down and, in some ways, drawing a line in the sand to hold what we have gained. There’s a new conservatism in the air, pressing body freedoms in all directions. Look at the number of stories (many of which we’ve covered) about women demonstrating for top free equality…a full 50 years since the ‘monokini‘ first appeared.

And this new conservatism in society appears to have a loud voice, with identity politics and culture playing a central role in what should be, at all times and in all circumstances, a basic human right to strip naked for swimming purposes, be that in the sea or in a swimming pool.

Second Life, at one time, seemed to offer a way forward in this. An opportunity to re-think society’s rules about how we approach the topic of nakedness. And yet its users -many of who were clearly keen to explore areas of sexuality unfulfilled in real life (and continue to do so)- couldn’t adapt their thinking to nudity. Today, even in pixel form, the female nipple is routinely blocked out in many SL blogs, nudity banned from the majority of SL sims.

An alternative world should, surely, have its users rethinking real world social mores.



Saggy Boobs Matter

I’ve been reading up on some online movement called ‘Saggy Boobs Matter‘.

There’s a website by the movement’s originator, Chidera Eggerue, here.

If you can receive BBC videos in your location, you’ll also see a short video of Chidera speaking about it.

I’m not well enough endowed to really be ‘saggy’, but I don’t understand the need for everyone to look the same. Breasts (and nipples) are as varied as their owners. I’m not entirely sure there needs to be an internet thing about it, but if it helps some women feel more confident about themselves, I’m not going to knock it.

In SL we female avatars have a capacity to alter ‘breast gravity’ (i.e our ‘sagginess’).

I always set mine to 100% because it looks more natural on an avatar. Anything less seems to resemble a boob job gone wrong!

However you look in real life, ladies, learn to love your body. You’re beautiful! You’re always beautiful! Never feel you need to fit with anyone else’s -particularly the media’s- ideals.


Know how to say ‘no’.

With Mr Keng back from his work adventures (coming to BBC radio later this year, incidentally), children bored by Mum and delighted to cling to the Dad they missed for three weeks, I was delighted to grab some SL time again and catch up on what I’ve missed in-world. Incidentally, I have to say that I’ve nothing but admiration for women who are raising children on their own. Exhausting! And I even had some help from Gran.

The latest Cart Sale at The Wash (Fab Free headquarters, in other words) began on January 31st and runs until St Valentine’s Day. There’s always something to be got at the Cart Sale, with all items at L$10, that can be blogged and utilised in a naturist setting.

So I wandered around a bit, checking to see if there were any suitable poses or beachwear when something caught my eye…

‘Love’ scars?????

I’m sorry, but love should almost never involve anything that leaves a mark, with the possible exception of a hickey/love bite. It’s easy to get caught up in a moment of extreme passion where a hickey might be the result, but other than that…no. What sort of ‘love’ is that? Let’s call it for what it is – violence against women.

This sort of SL role-play is away off my radar, but for the sake of research, I went exploring and was shocked by the number of items that seemingly celebrate violence, almost exclusively against women, with a few ‘fem-dom’ ( a dominant female with total control over a ‘sub’ -sub-dominant- partner) exceptions.


I was quite shocked by the amount of BDSM stuff out there in SL and on the Marketplace. Shocked by how blithely it’s all portrayed.

‘Accident prone’? How often have we heard tales of women who ‘bumped into a doorway’ to hide their subjection to domestic violence?

I know there may be some who say it’s role-play in a safe environment, but I don’t buy that for a second. If someone wants to tie you up and slap you in SL (and I saw such animations during research) what does that say about the sort of person they aspire to be in real life?

Cue, possibly, arguments in favour, but I’m not listening. This has been a bug-bear of mine since The World of Gor was many people’s favourite fantasy/roleplay world, a world in which slavery was rife. Nowadays, it seems that a bit of violence can, theoretically, be re-enacted in people’s SL bedrooms.

The message is ‘no, ladies, refuse to participate’. Never be the victim of this sort of thing in SL.

I walked away from my inworld research feeling quite tarnished by the experience of what I was seeing.