No real posts this week as I’ve busied myself with a new skill…designing tattoos for SL. Why? A friend, a recent arrival in SL, was surmising how she could apply tattoos as based on her real life tattoos, onto her avatar. Being a little bit more experienced in these things, I said I’d give it a go, despite having no experience in how to do it!

She’s quite pleased with the results, and I’ve learnt a new skill! 🙂 I’m not 100% entirely happy with the results, the upper back tattoo shows a ‘shadow’ rather than being entirely transparent, for example, but it’s nice to be able to do something for someone, and also pick up a new skill at the same time. It’s something I’ve wanted to try to do in SL for some time -create- and it’s the first step in me maybe being able to create other stuff that will have some naturist relevance. Not everything that would be RL naturist is freely available in SL, so maybe it’s time to try that out and maybe stick some of them up on the Marketplace?

Baby steps first, though.