Tattoos 2

Howie, the ‘publisher’ of SL Naturist, retired and moved to Spain a couple of years ago. A symbol of good luck in the area is Indalo Man.

As several of his naturist friends sport Indalo Man tattoos, Howie decided to get one done. But he didn’t want some huge ink statement, rather a little inking that would be private except in a naturist context. And thus, I’ve created one and he’s applied it to his avatar to replicate his real life! So small, it’s practically impossible to see, and it does apparently be invisible if he’s ‘natural’ down there, if you know what I mean!

The Indalo Man symbol as seen across Almeria

I don’t think tattooing is a skill I necessarily wish to pursue much further, unless friends ask me to do one, but it was an interesting exercise in developing SL skills. Normal service returns, with us concentrating on naturist activity on and off grid, next week.