Winter’s icy grip

In previous years, my RL naturist season might have been underway by now.

Looking through the archives, that was certainly the case last year.

This year, winter continues to cling on, with almost zero temperatures for days in a row, frost and snow by night, high winds and an arctic vortex blast dubbed ‘the beast from the east’.

We’ve had two periods of this weather sweeping in, with a third promised for the middle of next week.

So no naturism in real life yet this year, despite us having the Spring Equinox last week and British Summertime daylight hours coming into effect overnight.

However, the new naturist season is upon us, in theory, and I’ve been working more behind the scenes than blogging in recent weeks, with some ideas for the summer ahead of us.

So without further ado, let me present Amaris, who has joined the writing team on SLN.

Amaris doesn’t describe herself as ‘naturist’ but will, instead, be writing about topics that are part of the naturist lifestyle, such as yoga and meditation, diet and exercise and how -while SL may not offer direct benefits from these- will perhaps point to locations in SL where such practices occur and where we, as avatars, can visit in order to educate ourselves in matters that may improve our real lives.

‘While I wouldn’t say I’m a naturist’, Amaris says, ‘I’ve no problem at all getting naked in certain contexts. I like hiking, for example, and I’ve stripped off to swim in rivers and lakes on hot afternoons, in mixed-gender company. So I may even grace the pages of SLN in my skin!’

I’ve another new writer to introduce to you, and I’ll do that next week. And while Pookes is back in SL now that motherhood has established a proper routine, she says she won’t come back to the blog on a full time basis, but is happy to contribute the odd piece of writing and photos. With these additions I hope we can up the volume of posts that have become sporadic in recent weeks.


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