Christine’s 40th birthday present

My friend Christine had a significant birthday recently. She decided that she wanted a nipple piercing to mark the event, and needed moral support, so I attended the tattoo/piercing parlour with her. I’ve written on these pages before how I only ever had an ear pierced once when I was a teenager and it became infected, putting me off the entire piercing thing for ever.

Christine, who is a bit more Mumsy than the model playing her in our photos, the sort of person you’d never imagine having a piercing, a pillar of our local community, school and Sunday school teacher, etc, became rather shy when she learned she’d have to get her boobs out for a male tattooist 🙂 While she knows I’m a naturist, even topless sunbathing would be beyond her comfort zone.

I’d never been in a tattooists before. I’m not sure what I was expecting, perhaps some sort of down-at-heel shop filled with goths, but this was all rather…clean, bright, airy and encouraging.

Christine finally got her boobs out, amidst great embarrassment to her. But the tattooist spoke rather matter of factly about how he has pierced and tattooed breasts, buttocks and the genital area of women and he’d more concentrated on getting the job done right than caring about boobs. So Christine relaxed.

The idea was to get one nipple pierced. It was slightly painful, she conceded, but tolerable, and so two weeks later we traipsed back to the shop during one of our regular coffee mornings, and she got the other nipple done because her husband, who is just as strait-laced as she is, on the face of it, liked it a lot. She got the other nipple pierced, and then her husband nipped into the same shop to get his done a few days after that!

Of course, Christine was rather proud of her first piercing to the point where she was showing it off to me a few days after it had been done, how it was all pain free. And so, gentle reader, on the trip to get her second piercing I, on a moment of impulse, whipped off my bra and…

…yep! I got mine done, there and then! Both of them.

I was a bit worried telling Jim, but thankfully he loved the idea of them too!

Of course, by now, Christine and I were on a roll!

I went back, on my own this time, and got a belly ring, hahaha, which I subsequently showed off to Christine. Her husband, in the meantime, had been suggesting to her that maybe an intimate piercing might also be fun.

Back we went again…

…by which point we knew the tattooist/piercer really well 🙂 and Christine was rather more relaxed about dropping her panties for him than she had been taking her bra off just a few weeks previously.

Jim and I had talked about something similar 🙂 and while I was uncertain about it all, I’d gone bare down there quite recently. Yes, I know I’d tried shaving my pubic hair last year, liked it (as did Jim, who has remained resolutely smooth ever since) but being a busy mum, I find that it adds time in the shower every day, so I’d become a lapsed smoothie over the winter months, lol. However, with summer and the naturist season approaching, I felt it was time to try it again. And if I didn’t like it, I’d have time to grow it out again in time for the summer holidays (well, a rather trimmed patch, certainly, but a natural look nonetheless. And so, while Christine was getting a clitoral piercing, and the fact that I was currently ‘smooth’, I thought ‘what the hell’…and did it!

As a result, my avatar has been altered slightly to reflect my real life 😉