WNBR in Canterbury cancelled

It rather looks as though the planned WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) event planned for the English city of Canterbury will not take place this summer, after organisers failed to get insurance for it.

However, reading the article, all is not quite as simple as it might seem.

It looks as though there is an undercurrent of feeling that it ‘stinks of exhibitionism’ and voices saying that participants ‘aren’t regular cyclists’. So what? I don’t think you have to be a regular cyclist to participate such an event to highlight pollution and roads that are unsafe for cyclists.

Conservative councillor Neil Baker, who chairs the council’s community committee, has questioned how genuine the event is. He also argued some of the participants were too large in physical size to be regular cyclists.

“If they were actually regular cyclists making a protest about air pollution issues, they may have a point,” he said on the East Kent Civil Society Facebook page.

“But given the state of some of them, there is no way they are regular cyclists. You can spot a regular cyclist by their calves due to lactic acid build-up. There may be some who join in, but it stinks of exhibitionism to me.”

It rather smells of ‘agenda’ to me.

A previous WNBR event in Canterbury


Vintage Glamour and style

Just a gallery in this post, as we’re working on a sizeable ‘vintage glamour’ post that will, in due course, be published alongside further numerous real life and SL photos. I’m currently hypnotised by the sweetest innocence in many historical photographs, although I guess they were very much the ‘porn’ of their day. Something about the way various photographers work suggests a kind of sweet freedom about the nude, and that’s not a characteristic we find in much modern day photography. And many historical nude photographs are posed in the context of what we’d call naturism…that is, on a beach or in calisthenic poses.

Those that aren’t nod towards a kind of tribute to past times, Greco-Roman or maybe Egyptian in how they portray their models, and in all cases frame the nude beautifully. We’re working on a long post to illustrate this in and out of SL, but as I’m still having ‘mesh body’ issues I’m trying to resolve that’s taking up some of my possible SL time. In the meantime, I thought it would be useful to simply publish some of the photos we’ve collected so far, just to let you know we’re still alive 🙂 and what we’re working on right now.

Avatar issues

I’m having huge problems with my mesh avatar right now, and most of my SL-related time is being spent trying to find a solution, hence the current lack of posts. 😦