Bento testicles from Aero’s.

I’ve watched avatars develop over the years I’ve been in SL, with extra bits of ‘realism’ added on as time goes by. I loved flex hair when it arrived, because it gave movement to hair, and I personally think mesh hair is a retrograde step. I still use flex hair.

‘Physics’ was another important step in realism, as it gives boobs a little bit of wiggle and jiggle, just as in real life. And now Aero’s, thanks to Bento, have given testicles a little bit of realistic movement as well!

At the beginning of the year I got some software that would help me make naturist movies (from real and Second lives, particularly Second Life) for the blog. That was put on the back burner for a while there as naturism seemed so, so far away from my actual life as we ploughed through the harshest winter (and latest spring) we’ve had in the UK for some time. But thanks to that software, I’ve been able to capture the natural movement of the scrotum/testicles as they move in real life. Adding Bento balls is apparently a straightforward process, and they can be bought from Aero’s Cocks priced at L$450.

I’ve had to start a Vimeo account in order to upload the video, and it’ll be a ‘channel’ I’ll be adding further videos to in due course.



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