The Oblation Run

In the Philippines, the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity of the University of the Philippines hold a naked ‘run’ every year. The fraternity (as the name suggests) is all male.

I found some information on this ‘Oblation Run’ (which I’d never heard of before today) on wikipedia.

It appears that two women joined the event in 2005.

Each year there is also an attached, themed ‘protest’ against something.


3 thoughts on “The Oblation Run

  1. There are those who think this tradition is sexist and racist as it displays full male nudity in front of huge groups of females without any females fully nude.

    • From what I could gather there was a bit of that accusation levelled at the men, hence a couple of females wishing to join in, but the response being that it was an all-male fraternity who, while they supported equality, wished to keep participants from within their own frat house.

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