Vajazzle! Remember how it was ‘a thing’ a few years back, with ladies ‘jazzing up’ their ‘vaj’? And as quickly as it seemed to become a thing, it seemed to cease to be a thing.

Whilst scouring the Marketplace recently, I happened upon some SL vajazzle by accident. Delightfully, several of these items are priced at just L$1, so I treated myself!

I’ve not heard anyone discussing vajazzle for ages, and it wasn’t something I ever did in real life.


But if it’s something a bit different and ever so slightly retro (vajazzling would be, what, about 7 years ago?) click the Marketplace link!


3 thoughts on “Vajazzle

    • I’ve been doing a little more research on this and it seems that vajazzle simply withered on the vine as a concept because it became possible to buy a fully finished body jewel application that could be bought over the counter and simply applied to the skin. New blog entry coming up if I can find out a bit more about this (and actually purchase some to see for myself!)

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