Intimate piercings

In some ways, I’ve led quite a sheltered life, particularly in respect of intimate piercings. Obviously a nipple piercing or a clitoral piercing are well known, and I’d even have been aware what a Prince Albert piercing meant. But as for other names, such as a tragus piercing (which is for the ear, not even an intimate location) would have been beyond my sphere of knowledge.

In naturism I often encounter many piercings, but would never have thought much about them. More recently, I’ve noticed more of my friends, in real and in Second Life, sporting piercings, and this led me to do some research.

Howie, SLN’s publisher, utilities a glans ring in real and Second Life. This is typically worn just behind the head of the penis and intended to provide additional enjoyment for the male when fully erect. As these can be worn in different diameters, Howie chooses to wear one not for sexual enjoyment, but as ‘body jewellery’.

There are NO glans rings available on the Marketplace, or anywhere else in SL that I can see. However, Howie has resized and rotated a L$10 piercing available on the MP which works. If any of you fellas are into genital jewellery, this is the way to go!

I mentioned this to another SL friend, Wolfgang, and he immediately did the same thing to add to his collection of genital piercings and jewellery.

In the photo, Wolfgang is wearing the same ‘piercing” to create a glans ring. Additionally, he wears a Prince Albert (L$50), cock rings (L$100) and ‘hafada’ piercings which -again- aren’t available in SL, and Wolfgang utilised clit piercings and resized/relocated them to create the effect.

Many SL friends, male and female, are wearing nipple piercings now too. I’ve got a lovely set from the MP, a L$10 set from C2X which offers a variety of hoops and barbells.

I wrote about the experience of getting pierced last month.

In SL I’ve got both a captive ring clitoral piercing and a clit dermal.

In real life it’s just the captive ring.

Piercings are a fairly regular feature of RL naturism, so a posting on intimate piercings merely reflects current RL naturist thinking.

With body adornment now huge in real life, both with tattoos and piercings, there are those who would never countenance either in RL. However, for those in SL there’s ample opportunities to adorn one’s avatar with all manner of jewellery!

Give it a go!