I popped online earlier to find my good friend Fabio Lazuli also online, and he immediately reminded me of a real life photo I’d used in my profile a couple of years back, I think, which he liked and had asked for a copy to turn into a portrait.

Here it is…

I think this is stunning!

You can find it on Fabio’s pages at imgur.

We then headed off to another sim, where I posed for Fabio in my SL avatar guise.

Many of Fabio’s excellent photographs can be seen on his Flickr album


With my Spanish holiday now lurching into view at great speed, I’ve promised Fabio I shall now try to get some good (nude) photos taken while on holiday, photos which I shall pass to him to recreate in art form (I won’t, I don’t think, post the original…but you never know 😉 )

I’ll keep you posted on this as the holiday and post-holiday period progresses.