I don’t know about you, but for me holidays (naturist or textile) are a time for reading. It can be a bit problematic at certain parts of the trip that others might take for granted. I like to keep the children quiet and amused on the flight, for example, because I think other passengers are entitled to me undertaking some good parenting to ensure they have a pleasant flight. Besides, I don’t buy into this ‘spoilt brat’ form of parenting displayed by some. Children need to learn manners.

However, with young children in tow, the idea of late nights in bars are a thing of the past, so we’ll find ourselves back at our apartment by mid-evening, maybe 9pm after we’ve had dinner, and that’s often the time to break out the Kindle, put on some music and get immersed in a book. And a huge number of people eschew the Kindle, with the dangers of it being swamped by water or sand, in favour of proper, old fashioned books.

This is my favoured mode of reading on holiday, turning pages, although I love my Kindle at home!

Doksie at her beach hut as Su Cash Naturist, books close at hand

Many of us spend time reading on holiday, naturist or textile, and it’s a simple, affordable pleasure to be enjoyed while soaking up the sun and holiday atmosphere.



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