Cultural differences

In response to my posting about genital jewellery a few days back, regular commenter Gerald posted a reply, which was maybe lost to many people.

I thought the comment was interesting in that Gerald’s analysis demonstrates clear cultural differences in New Zealand’s approach to jewellery and depilation. Here’s his comment in full…

Genital jewellery isn’t very common in NZ as far as I know. Perhaps more common in the gay community than in general. I can only recall several examples, a large Prince Albert piercing, several women with clitorial rings, and, slightly outside this topic, a penis tattoo. There was a debate five years ago in the Naturist community about rings, etc. There was a strong feeling expressed that those wearing jewellery were not truly naked. I would feel it is up to the individual really just as shaving body hair is treated. One thing about the Prince Albert, though I suppose you are not supposed to pay attention to this kind of detail is that it was actually quite becoming and suited his penis. Interestingly at various hippie events where there is common nudity, such as Kiwiburn, I have yet to see any jewellery being worn by males. Occasionally you will see women with genitial piercings and or shaved.

Markedly different from my UK naturist experience, different again from my experience of naturism in Spain, and different from the likes of the US, I imagine.

Gerald also brings up the issued of a penis tattoo. That’s something I’ve never seen in real life naturism, but have heard of, and of course seen in Second Life.

Royal, a penis we’ve never reviewed because none of my SL male friends seem to own one, do numerous penis tattoos for each of their products, for example.

This got me to thinking about the cultural differences in so many aspects of naturism. In Europe, the culture would be for women to be shaved (in the main) and for their menfolk to expect this to a degree, while the men themselves were, for a long time, resistant to the idea of shaving, although that has changed in recent years.

Tattoos are now so prevalent amongst British people (men and women) that the Germans apparently have a phrase for it – English rash.

Barely a pubic hair between them, and with a number of tattoos displayed

So…what’s the current cultural ‘norm’ where you live regarding genital piercings and shaving (in the context of naturism)?


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