Some free poses…and nudity in the home and around children

Reina Photography have added a couple of free gifts at their inworld store.

The first is called ‘Mother’s Day’, and the second is a couples pose.

Let’s look at the couple pose first…

It comes with a backdrop when you rezz it, but you can lose that and just keep the pose balls.

Cute, eh?

And now the ‘Mother’s Day’ one…

Hmmmm, I shouldn’t feel guilty about portraying children in naturism as they’re a vital part of family naturism and the lifestyle’s future, but somehow I do, even in SL avatar style. For that reason, I’ve pixellated the following photos because there’s a lot of warped people out there.

Ageplay is  rightfully frowned upon in SL, although there’s a lot of ‘petites’ (child sized avatars) out there on the grid. When I get to my RL naturist holiday the kids will be with me, on the beach, as will dozens of other tourist and local families.

Children are an intrinsic part of naturism, and yet we’ve become hostage to a few sick individuals who see them in a specific, nauseating way. It’s a lovely, cute pose and, in the context of this blog, something that should not be dismissed for because of the sick views of a minority. But we are, and there it is.

I’m glad I’ve got the pose and was able to make a photo utilising it, and I assume that there’s a market for those who will like to pose with their ‘petite’ (child sized) avatars in Second Life, otherwise why make the pose at all?

Granted, I guess the pose isn’t made for a naturist market, but remember! My children are growing up, as all children initially do, without any sense of shame about their bodies and will, like generations of naturist children in the past, grow up as rounded individuals. For them, the body is a natural thing, something naturists (and nude-friendly folk who aren’t ‘naturist’ as such…many families do treat nudity at home as entirely normal) understand.



One thought on “Some free poses…and nudity in the home and around children

  1. I think you might have left a bit of uncovered flesh just below one of their knees!
    (I mean, come on. Was it really necessary to pixelate out their entire bodies?)

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