Topless in the park

A UK bank holiday today and I wasn’t, in theory, working. However, there was a bit of paperwork I could do at home, so with the children at Granny’s house, I dropped the car back at home and decided to cycle over to work instead, pick up some papers and cycle home.

Oh, did I mention summer has arrived (at last) here in the UK? Temperatures in the mid-20s today and feeling hot (hotter, apparently, than Madrid!)

A bit of a stream runs through the park and so I decided to kick off my shoes and wade in its four inches of water before heading home. Imagine my surprise to find another woman down off the path, sunbathing topless!

Yes, it may be a sight familiar in Paris or Amsterdam, but not in Scotland!

I was tempted to express some solidarity with her, but equally aware of the time, so really I had to finish a quick paddle, cool my feet, and then head off home. But I was thrilled to see that (semi) nudity is now becoming a bit more visible in public parks. Long may it continue.



My sex life.

OK, so the subject of my sex life has been brought up in comments, again. I’ve deleted the comment, rather than publish it.

Look, people (more specifically, guys), this blog is about my naturist life, not my sex life, or my life as a working mum, or my life as someone who goes for walks through public parks in the dead of winter with four layers of clothing on, OK?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a 40 year old Mum to three children, so you can all assume I’ve had sex three times (maybe more). And that’s the very limit of where you should all assume I’m discussing my private and personal life in that regard. OK?