Breast tattoos, post mastectomy

Three years ago, I wrote about Marlene, who worked on the same blog I did in the days before SLN!

About eight years ago she developed breast cancer, quit the blog, quit SL and, I’m delighted say, survived this horrible disease.

Marlene eventually came back into SL when grid designers added a mastectomy scar (see above). I’ve gone looking for it on the Marketplace and it sadly doesn’t seem to be available any longer. She wanted her SL to reflect her RL.

Marlene is back in SL, and proudly (if that’s the word) displaying her post-op scar. Earlier today I logged in to find Marlene’s name there in my friends’ list, so I said ‘hi’.

We got chatting and during the course of conversation her operation (in real life) came up. That led to a discussion regarding women now being tattooed, post-mastectomy op, to cover the loss of a breast (or breasts).

The conversation continued about my more recent SL, and a brief discussion was then held about me experimenting with tattoos.

As a result, then…

I designed a breast tattoo to cover a mastectomy scar tattoo in SL, and Marlene is delighted (she says, perhaps she’s only humouring me) with it.

Hope to see her on the grid more regularly! (Sadly she’s in Australia, so our time differences don’t really match up that often).


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