Imaginative tattooing (or photoshopping)

I have no idea if this is a tattoo, or just a photoshop job. I’ve never felt compelled to have a tattoo before (and still don’t) but if I ever change my mind, it’ll be this one! This just makes me smile!


2 thoughts on “Imaginative tattooing (or photoshopping)

  1. A close inspection shows that this is part real and part photoshopped. The vulva and hair is real enough but the outer edges of her hairs has been trimmed in PS to take on the shape of a tree. The birds have been photoshopped in from another photo. Some of the birds are even out of focus and you can’t do THAT with a tattoo needle.

    • I’m definitely not a tattoo expert, Brenda, so I couldn’t say. I’m certain you’re right, but I liked the juxtaposition of the birds against a ‘tree’ 😀

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