It has to be said…

…that I’m not feeling inspired by Second Life lately. Recent surgery, and a naturist season that has never really begun this year, have left me becalmed in terms of both blogging and even logging into SL.

I’ve been struggling with interest in both lately, and I find that there is now beginning to be a fair amount of repetition in the blog.

I’ve made no definitive decision yet -I’ve been here before and sometimes all that’s required is one new purchase/location to reinvigorate me again- but it’s beginning to feel as if the blog has run its course, as though it may be time to stop blogging. While I’ve had these periods before, they’ve never gone on as long as this one before.

I’m taking the time to decide. Nothing has been made certain yet. But unless something turns up soon, and relights my appetite for blogging and SL, it maybe feels like time to call it a day. Seven years, pretty much the same length of time The Beatles functioned in the public eye, seems like a period of time to run something before it gets boring. I’ll keep you informed, but right now, there’s nothing planned to post, and not much enthusiasm to even log in.



One thought on “It has to be said…

  1. We are always amazed at how creative so many bloggers are and where all the new ideas come from. When it comes to nudity, how much more can we write about it ?? Two of the last frontiers are topfreedom for women everywhere and freedom for public nudity by all in appropriate designated areas. Those have their own challenges and are still worthy of ideas and thoughts.

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