Family naturism

Apart from my youngest, my children don’t really go much for lots of cuddles anymore, feeling too ‘grown up’ for that ‘yucky kissing’ thing I and their Dad do (pretty much daily in front of them, lol) but as Howie’s home has a new swimming pool, complete with parent/child poses, I decided I’d pose accordingly.

There may be those who baulk at the notion of a naked (pixel drawn) child in the photos, but I’m of an opinion that I’m fed up having my naturism held hostage to the actions and perverted mindsets of a few individuals who’ve altered an entire perception of naturism, as if children aren’t part of the agenda. Of course children, and family orientated naturism, are core to the lifestyle.

Without children being involved in naturism it could be argued that the new, happy, well-adjusted and safe ‘next generation’ of naturists will wither (see below), and that we -naturists- would face some sort of existential crisis as a result.

British Naturism (see their recent tweet above) appear to agree with me.

We’ve always been blasé about our nudity around the home and on holiday, have always used the proper words for parts of the body, and the children are growing with an acceptance of their own, ours and others nakedness. Piercings, depilation or pubic hair doesn’t really interest them one iota any longer. Things just are what they are.

I don’t intend to make naturist children ‘a thing’ within the blog (incidentally, the avi undertaking the role of ‘my daughter’ is an alt of mine, there’s no age-play involved here) and I won’t be posting photos of real life naturist children. But I am going to move forward on the basis that we must begin to reposition them, in a theoretical sense, within naturism. To keep reminding people that they are there, they are happy and well adjusted, that they’re the next generation and that, despite their relative invisibility (even in text form, not even photographic form) in naturist websites and blogs, we have to remember that they’re there, and that it’s by immersing them in naturism at a young age that we will ensure healthy, rounded teenagers and adolescents, less curious about what the other sex looks like and thus less likely to be indulging in some of the more dangerous rites of passage of teenage (unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy and so on).

I expect some readers will disagree with the view that we must make children and families more ‘visible’ (purely in a textual sense, not photographed). But I feel that I’m swimming with the tide here, if the likes of British Naturism are also gently reminding us of the many benefits to be gained by introducing children to the lifestyle.




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