New clothes

Thank goodness for the Fab Free Cart Sale!

I’ve fallen into a bit of a disinterest in SL recently and have contemplated calling it a day with the blog, but a bit of retail therapy at The Wash (Fab Free HQ in SL) has bumped me out of that! 🙂

While not ‘naturist’, the items bought harken back to the early days of the blog when posts would regularly be peppered with what I called ‘the naturist wardrobe’, that is, clothing items that would have fitted in with my naturist holidays.

I’ve picked up a lovely boho outfit (L$10) as seen in the top photo, and that sort of long, flowing skirt and minimal top is the sort of thing I would wear to restaurants. The bottom photo features a similar boho styled skirt, not really focused on for the photo, but I’ve paired it with a loose, lacy and see-thru top. Where I holiday, some restaurants might have no issues with such clothing in the evenings, others might have a rather more strict dress code, so it’s not the sort of thing I would necessarily wear out to an evening meal, but something I would throw over me if we take ourselves off the beach and into a beach bar for a light, tapas lunch.I’m hoping that the chance to wear/show off my new purchases is the starting point for a reinvigorated SL!


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