Tunick in Norway

Spencer Tunick has recently undertaken another photoshoot in Bodo, Norway.

Apparently the town has around 55,000 inhabitants, is situated in the north of the country and, looking at the map, appears to be isolated enough to ensure that not too many people will have arrived from elsewhere to participate. For example, Norway’s capital, Oslo, is 1200 kms away, and Tromso, the only other major sized conurbation, is 500kms, and an eight hour drive, away.

So…it rather seems like the participants for this shoot are almost exclusively likely to be from Bodo itself.

In a town of 55,000, the chances are that you either knew someone in the shoot, or knew someone who knew someone in the shoot.

Naturism is, I think, often best undertaken amongst ‘strangers’. I’ve said this before, but it feels more relaxed amongst strangers (who often become good friends) than it would amongst friends and neighbours. Think for a moment : if your own street were to be invited to stage a Tunick shoot, would you be comfortable getting naked with your next door neighbour or Mr. Jones or Mrs Smith from across the way? I think it would be difficult. I wouldn’t really like to be going into the post office the next week having had my photo(s) splashed all over the local newspaper.

Of course, if I lived in an exclusively naturist town or village where we all routinely existed naked, I’d have a different view, seeing everyone naked every day, and indeed I do have a number of friends in Spain who I’ve never seen clothed!

So kudos goes to the people of Bodo who created another lovely Tunick shoot.


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