When I first became a naturist it was by accident, at Cap D’Agde (CDa), in France (read the archives for the full story if you’re new to this blog…I explained how I became a naturist right at the birth of this blog and have probably re-told the story a couple of times during its lifetime for the benefit of new readers).

Back then Agde was naturist. These days it has morphed into something else entirely, a kind of freak show/circus of cuckolds, exhibitionists, BDSM enthusiasts, swingers and all manner of other ‘kinks’ that, to me, have no place in naturism. Indeed, naturism should be seeking to distance itself from the shenanigans at Cap D’Agde. If that’s your bag, fine, I just don’t see why you all had to destroy a perfectly good naturist ‘city’ to fulfil your own fantasises. Couldn’t you have done it somewhere else? No, instead many of you with ‘kinks’ rode the shirttails of naturism to establish a toe-hold in something far healthier and wholesome than your particular interests, and it annoys me that you all did!

Consider the following gallery…Cap D’Agde as it currently is now (and these are by far some of the tame shots I was able to source online, believe me there are a huge number of much more x-rated photos out there of current CDa ‘activities’ being undertaken in public)…

Just a parade of leather, piercings and tattoos, followed by ‘any flavour you like’ combinations of sex in the clubs around CDa, or back to an apartment for some swinging action. Compare and contrast this with how it used to be, and some of the following photos would be about the same time I first became naturist)…


Everything just seems more, well, innocent and wholesome.

That’s not to say there aren’t pockets of genuine naturists remaining at CDa, but it just feels like they’re being zoned and corralled to make way for the freaks and circus acts. I’ve often said that I don’t have any issues telling my children the right names for parts of the anatomy and using those words correctly, or explaining ‘the birds and bees’ to them in a matter of fact way. Equally, I’m not sure that they particularly need to see mutual masturbation, oral sex or full blown intercourse taking place in public.

The same pressures seem to be applying in Second Life, with genuine naturist sims being squeezed to make way for the freaks and circus acts -those pneumatically bosomed avatars in see through clothing, mirroring the current CDa experience, and folks, I think we’re definitely losing a battle here within SL. The freaks and circus acts are reaching critical mass, possibly, to the point where SL users without any genuine naturist experience will come to believe that naturism is all about fishnet and public fellatio.



2 thoughts on “CDa

    • I agree with that analysis. If that’s their thing, who are any of us to criticise? My ire is based on the fact that they have ruined a perfectly good naturist facility for their own ends, rather than create their own space.

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