Naked in nature

If you’re like me when the phrase ‘naturist location’ is mentioned I immediately think of the beach, a resort, or a club. My mind never automatically wanders to ‘the great outdoors’, even though it’s likely there are far more potential locations for being nude in nature, away from the coast, than there are on the coast!

I started thinking about this and my naturist experiences over the years, and while beaches and resorts are my ‘go to’ places, some of the most memorable have been in nature itself. Naked hill walking in Spain. Nude swimming in a mountain lake in the UK. Showering naked under a waterfall in France (admittedly, it was within a naturist campsite, but still a memorable nude in nature moment). A gallery, above, shows the potential for naturism available in nature. And SL is no different, particularly with many sims decked out in their autumnal (fall) splendour.

Don’t feed the bares! 😉 


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