There’s a French TV series called ‘Nu’ being broadcast at the moment.

The premise of it is that a policeman wakes up in 2026, having been in a coma for eight years after being shot. In the interim, France has passed a ‘Transparency Law’, which requires everyone to be naked. That way, no one can hide weapons. There is a lot of male and female nudity in it, almost from the off, and it continues right through every scene of the entire series. Except for when the occasional ‘dissident’ is caught wearing clothes!

A silly idea, perhaps, but equally…why not? Where do you hide weapons in an increasingly violent world?

I’ve seen some of it online, but I had to go seek it on one of those rather odious ‘naked celebrity actress’ type websites, which I’d prefer not to go near. However, I was keen to see how the topic was approached. It was rather refreshing, really, as the nudity -basically a naturist world of the near future- was matter of fact and just…there! There was absolutely no sense of eroticism or sexuality involved in it whatsoever. You could say it was basically one long advert for naturism.

Equall refreshing was that it featured, in the main, ‘ordinary’ actresses. There had been no sense that ‘we need to stuff the programme with young, nubile actors and actresses’.

And, of course, we took the opportunity to recreate a scene from it in Second Life.



4 thoughts on “Nu

  1. Well it’s about time there’s something like this on the air, even if it is only available in France. I hope it’s popular enough the get dubbed or even sub-titled and shows up on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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