This blog will close with immediate effect

Hello everyone.

All good things come to an end.

The closure of Eden Naturopolis felt, to me, as though a jewel in the crown of Second Life naturism had been ripped out. Although there are several excellent naturist sims in existence, it feels to me as though I’ve reached the end of the blogging cycle, and have therefore decided to close the blog with immediate effect.

It has been seven years of blogging, and there always felt as though there was something new to write about in that time, with limited repetition. Recently, it has been to feel as though I am going over the same ground, again and again, and there doesn’t even seem to be a huge amount of naturist related content in real life or in Second Life, to write about.

Thanks to all who read, contributed and commented over the years. Well over a million visitors in the time we’ve operated, from almost every country under the sun (a few Central African countries being the few exceptions to that global span). It has been wonderful and I’ve not regretted a second.

I shall probably be leaving SL too, on the basis that it doesn’t feel as essential as it once did, and log-ins are becoming increasingly rare. I may check in from time to time, I simply don’t know, but right now my appearances inworld are practically zero each month.

The blog shall, of course, remain online.

I don’t really expect to return to SL in the immediate future, if ever. Perhaps the long-promised, never delivered Sansar might change my mind, but that’s doubtful. Time for a new challenge.

Take care, be good to one another, enjoy your real life or virtual naturism, and lots of love to you all.


3 thoughts on “This blog will close with immediate effect

  1. Sorry to see you leave so good luck to the next trials you choose to move on to for your writers skills talents. Hope to read your great Writtens words again soon Naturalist or a Travel Blogged trips.Tough times do not last Tough people Do. Dr. Robert Schuller (Sr.) : We will Never Never Quit Winston Churchill To Ella.God Bless be safe Best of Luck. Enjoyed reading many great thoughts opinions. DLM-Sacramento,CA 10/24/2018 6:30 A.M. PST:

  2. Though not a second lifer, I’ve followed your site for many year for your insite on true naturism and clear and excellent writing .I’ll miss you. I wish all the best for you and your family.

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