Poll result.

Hi everyone.

I’m not a writer, so I’ll keep this brief. It was pretty clear immediately when I stuck that poll thing up that you, the readers, wanted SL Naturist to continue. It’s a difficult decision for me because this blog WAS Ella as far as I’m concerned. But I took a punt on her a lot of years ago to lead the blog and it was an inspired choice. The poll wasn’t questioned as accurately as it could have been as I’m preaching to the converted. But 61 in favour? Wow! I never imagined the blog had that much reach.

I’ve put feelers out amongst friends and fellow travellers regarding anyone who might like to pick up the mantle of editor. In the end, I’ve decided we will keep the blog going, despite my own reservations, I imagined we’d run our course, and was already thinking about a new blogging SL experience, and I’ve appointed two people to the role of running the blog. It’s always difficult to know if anyone will have stickability, and Ella found that out when seeking help in the past. Some people delivered. Others liked the idea of it until the work required became apparent. Gigi and FlowerFairy (who will be known as Flo) are the two ladies I’ve picked out because both showed abilities to write and have previously blogged for SL blogs and real life blogs so there was evidence they could do it.

Both will introduce themselves tomorrow, or Sunday, and I can go back to simply running the thing in the background.

Thank you to everyone for your continuing support for this blog. Equally, it’s testament to the brand that Ella grew, and I thank her for that.


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