Moving house

No posts from the new girls yet, as I finally took the decision to move off the Eden Naturopolis estate after several years of living there. The destruction that occurred following Brenda and Elbag’s effective eviction, something Ella alluded to in one of her final posts, was the reason why. It no longer feels vibrant or alive in the same way it did when under previous management.

I’ve got somewhere new that will serve as SL Naturist HQ, so I took the opportunity to give the girls some building rights so they can effectively create the space they need and want to make SLN a continuing success. We all know ho SL time can sometimes be limited, so the girls have been helping me build, rather than spend time on actually posting stuff. But they’ve both filed their initial posts, and trust me when I say that I feel SLN will be in safe hands.

Posts to follow from both Flo and Gigi next week!