Hi, I’m Gigi, and I’ll be taking over from Ella (with co-editor Flo) at SL Naturist. First thing you need to know about me is yes, I’m a real life naturist with many years holiday experience behind me in France, Spain, Croatia and Germany (mostly thermal centres in Germany, more than resort/beach experiences) as well as some here at home in England. I’ve also been something of a semi-regular reader of SL Naturist over the length of my 3 and a half year Second Life.

As for my name? I’ve been a long term fan of Audrey Hepburn, whose breakthrough came in Gigi (on stage and on screen). And Audrey’s mother was Baroness Van Heemstra. So I put the two together to create a Second Life persona which I played in Second Life in the early months. Although I guess that my own personality is much more to the fore than Audrey’s. It was also the case that my own name was ‘taken’ in Second Life and so I was required to adopt a new name. It worked out OK, as Gigi offers a patina of glamour absent from my real name 🙂

Reprising the ‘Audrey’ look I wore almost constantly in the first few months of my SL.

I’m not quite like Audrey’s demure personality in real life, though. I can’t imagine Audrey having tattoos, can you? I have two, one on each shoulder. And for my birthday a couple of years back I decided, at a relatively advanced age, to get my first piercing (beyond my ears, which have been pierced since I was a teen). That belly piercing was something that I liked so much that I’ve more recently had my nipples pierced and also a clit piercing. None of which I could imagine Audrey doing! And I can’t quite believe that I’m telling you so many intimate details straight away.

Of course, having been a semi-regular reader of SL Naturist over the past three years I was entirely aware that Ella did share a little bit of home life on the blog, so to that extent I’m merely following the conventions she set. What I and Flo intend to do is initially steady the ship, for it to be ‘as you were’, while we establish our own style. We’re also agreed that we shall initially attempt to do one blog entry per week, each, so don’t expect an upturn in the volume of posts. As I’ve said, we will establish our own style and volume of blogging in due course.

I am pleased, though, to get my first post out of the way and move forward in establishing my own style on SLN



3 thoughts on “Introducing…Gigi!

  1. Welcome to SL Naturist. We almost lost a good blog site.
    I, too, am a big fan of Audrey Hepburn. Seeing the photos of her brought good memories.
    Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the avatar pictures that are occasionally used on this site.
    If a fitting photo can’t be found or taken, I would much prefer that nothing was used. They are so obviously fake and totally unnecessary. I doubt that my complaint will do much good, but I’ve been wanting to get that off of my chest for a while now.
    I hope all the new staff continue to produce the quality naturist blog that SL Naturist has been in the past.

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