Introducing…FlowerFairy (Flo)

Hi. Of course ‘Flower Fairy’ isn’t my real name! 🙂 It was something I picked for my Second Life avatar to reflect the sort of character I wished to represent, and also be a reflection on my real life personality.

You can all call me ‘Flo’, though! It will be easier than calling me ‘Flower Fairy’.

I should begin by saying I’m in my mid-20s, and grew up in communes in places like Denmark and Wales by alternative lifestyle parents, an English father and Polish mother. I guess my life has always been beyond  most people’s usual conventions. Home schooled until I was 18 when I undertook a conventional baccalaureate and embarked on a conventional degree course which I finished a couple of years ago.

That communal lifestyle did have some aspects of it that were very unconventional, I suppose. I was taught by my parents that a naked body is not something to be ashamed of, and I’ve been comfortable with nudity since before I had memory or understanding of what nudity was. Even the awkward puberty stage wasn’t something that presented any horrors to me, and I watched my friends, male and female, develop from girls and boys into men and women, with an easy sense of being comfortable with both their and my casual nudity.

I’m not a naturist within any sense of how you might regard your naturism. Nakedness has always been part of my life, and I’m fine with that. I have visited nudist beaches and had no fears undressing, so in that sense I am the same sort of naturist as you are. But when growing up, certainly in summer in commune life, it wouldn’t be unknown for me, or others, to go days or weeks without wearing clothes at all. There wouldn’t either be any feeling of shame when naked if others were clothed.

I feel as if I could write much, much more about myself, but perhaps it’s better if I allow myself to become known over the next few posts I make.