Among the Wildflowers (reborn) : Resort report

One of the things I picked up on when reading the archives was that Ella very much kept locations with sex poses off the table. Gigi and I won’t be doing that, basically because we can’t afford to!

With fewer naturist locations around than previously (we assume by Ella’s posts this is the case) we’ve simply got to use any location where naturism is possible in the context of SL.

Such is the case with Among the Wildflowers, a location that is ‘reborn’, apparently.

It’s very beautiful, not all of it naturist (I think) but you can teleport to a naturist club part of it which is shown in the photos above and below.

Although, as the photo above shows, it’s not all innocence, so beware if you’re of Ella’s mindset regarding your naturism.

It has a very photogenic look, very prettily laid out, and I particularly liked this guitar shaped swimming pool.


Flo and Gigi

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