Goodbye Tumblr?

Our learning curve continues, and this week we’ve learned that Tumblr is to ban all nude content. I’m not sure how they actually police that. I assume a ‘flesh identifying algorithm’. But it certainly appears to be the talk of those who use that service to promote naturist (and other more overtly sexual) content.

It seems clear to me that Ella has previously utilised Tumblr as a source of photos, so I’m not quite sure what will happen if we lose that resource. Time will tell.

It’s hard to know exactly where things are headed in the light of what appears to be a new Puritanism.

I’ve just had a bit of a search on Tumblr and it seems that there are many, many sites promoting guns, drugs, far right and anti Islamic sentiments. But nudity is deemed more problematic that any of those? I don’t get it.

I’ll keep watching Tumblr in the meantime. Their nudity ban apparently goes live on Monday.


(Edited to add…I note that youtube is also requiring a ‘sign in’ for videos that might be ‘inappropriate’. Oddly, I was able to find many youtube videos of the likes of beheadings in the Middle East, none of which carried the ‘inappropriate’ tag. OK, there was no actual footage of the murders in them, but I still find it odd that the subtext of radical, religious violence goes unremarked while a naked body needs a warning).