Sexist skiing?

We’ve already written about a new puritanism in SL and RL. We’ve also noted that Ella used to tie real life news stories to SL replications of events, and it’s such a brilliantly simple idea that we’ll certainly keep on with our own version. Bearing this in mind we picked up on a story about a skiing event in Semmering, Austria, whose promotional material has caused a bit of a furore by depicting a naked woman. This makes it sexist, apparently.

It didn’t take much research to discover this merely replicates a kind of imagery used in 2010, so it’s kind of thematic.


But eight years ago this seems to have passed unremarked, and demonstrates how the world has become so much more uptight in the intervening period. Or has become much more whiny. We can’t quite decide which.


I was able to disprove the ‘sexist’ aspect of naked skiing by taking to the slopes myself, au naturel. 😉