A Merry Christmas from all of us at SL Naturist!


The staff have been out and about in suitably wintry sims to capture scenes for each of our individual Christmas cards to you.

Some photos from SUSAN

Christmas can be a funny time of year with people markedly thrown out of their usual routines. Bearing this in mind we’re posting this today because Christmas Eve and Christmas Day can often take unexpected turns.

While Christmas photos such as those posted above aren’t naturist, they do demonstrate that even many non-naturists like nothing better than getting naked and having fun with Christmas props.

And why not? It should, amongst other things, be a time of frivolity and fun. A time when a lot of lingerie is purchased. Not naturist, but anything that encourages non-naturists to feel at home in their skin is a good thing as far as we’re concerned.


Looking back over previous years postings from this time of year it’s also clear that it was a time to rob the advent calendars 🙂 for suitably Xmas, but sometimes naturist related items. With that in mind, we all set off in different directions to see what goodies we could find!

Flo’s boots and scarf came from the ALB Xmas advent calendar, the hat from Brii (all free)

Susan opted to not go searching for freebies and instead take photos of some beautiful looking sims.