What are you doing this Christmas morn?

What is everyone else doing this Christmas morn?

Theres no sign of snow where I am, but I’m already up at a (real life) 7am and doing some of things you see in these photos. I’m not particularly religious, but I do love the Christmas morning service in my local church. As Flo has provided some background detail about her real life, I shall do the same. I’m in my 50s and divorced, and it was quite a bitter breakup over 10 years ago now. The first Christmas I was on my own (the few prior to that hadn’t been particularly great anyway, with my ex conducting one of his many affairs by text and phone while I cooked the dinner) I felt terribly lost and alone, and felt compelled to seek other people. The only place I could find any sense of communion was in the local church on Christmas morning, and it’s a habit I’ve found hard to break ever since. So a snowy church scene seemed appropriate, as did giving thanks (to Santa) for all the things I do have in my life.

Santa is basically an allegory for some more powerful, higher being. ‘The Universe’, ‘God’, call it what you will. I believe there’s some higher force that guides us, and certainly felt as if I was guided through some lonely times.

Snow would have made a Christmas morning walk perfect, but it’s unseasonably mild here today. So I can pretend I’ve been out in the chill of a morning and found a fire to warm me through. In reality I won’t need the heating on today, but I can pretend.And how better, in my imagination, to find a small cafe serving hot chocolate and marshmallows to further warm me through, by which time I’ve been joined by my beloved, and the two of us adjourn to our hot tub to make for the perfect Christmas morning.


How better to seal it all with a Christmas kiss and the words ‘Merry Christmas, darling’ whispered in each other’s ears.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas Day, I hope it’s wonderful for you.

(Top 4 photos taken at Snow Falls sim – try to visit it as it’s gorgeous)


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