Boxing Day

It’s called Boxing Day here in the UK, but other locations around the world might refer to it as St. Stephen’s Day. (I know Ireland does, more than call it Boxing Day).

Whatever you call it, it’s possibly a better day than Christmas Day, being a holiday, less stress involved in the presents and the cooking, and a time to kick back and relax, something not quite as easily achieved on Christmas Day itself.

So we’ve had a shower, cooked a light breakfast and are now spending time beside the fire that he stoked up while I was doing the dishes.

It seems that the kitchen is and has long been a place for people to enjoy nudity in whenever the opportunity arises.

Maybe not at this time of year (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) but I know I do tend to roll out of bed (I sleep nude) and make breakfast naked on a warm sunny morning. And it’s a lovely feeling to have the cool, fresh, summer air on your skin, particularly on mornings where it has been a humid, sleepless night.


Edited to add: We’re not the only blog linking SL nakedness to cooking around the SL blogosphere 🙂 Check out the Vandalizes blog 🙂 It’s also great to see another blog that isn’t nipple-phobic.