Lawnmower Man

I’ve got one tattoo. A small one on my shoulder, much smaller in real life than it is on my SL avatar.

I’ve never felt the need to get a second one, but if I did, the photo above is exactly the tattoo I’d get! A stick man ‘mowing the lawn’ šŸ˜‰

And there is a Second Life version, available for free on the Marketplace.

It comes with a little wisp of pubic hair. A second one is available for L$5 on the Marketplace too, without pubic hair.

This tattoo just amuses me. I may buy it and wear it in SL, even though that would mean my SL avatar not reflecting my RL self.


God help us all!

An advertisement for Agent Provocateur has been branded ‘sexist and pornographic’ in the UK. By Twitter snowflakes, as usual.

God help us all. She’s in lingerie. As a woman, all I see is lingerie. As probably worn by women who have a specific intent on their male (and female) significant others.

God forbid she’d go naked and acknowledge her body!

OK, the post’s not naturist, but symptomatic of a new puritanism sweeping the world. Little wonder naturism, even in SL, is in retreat. God help us if women have a vulva or breasts. God help us if men have a penis and testicles. Where does this sort of nonsensical approach leave naturism if we daren’t display, or semi display come to that, some bits of us? Are we, as naturists, sexists and pornographic?



Vintage Season 2019 (Part 5)

This morning we offer the last (for now at least) of the five ‘Vintage Season’ posts we prepared. We may pick this up again later in the year according to how ‘vintage’ fits in the context of other posts in and out of Second Life.

Me and my vulva, Me and my penis

Naturism is so alien, so ‘weird’ to people because society can only see ‘those bits’ in a sexualised manner. And so to divest ourselves of our last bits of clothing and put ‘those bits’ out there is something that many people can’t do because of that social conditioning. It’s brainwashing, in effect. Imagine a school somewhere in a poor region of the Balkans or middle America were to invent some sort of cult worship and taught all of its pupils that it’s the right and moral thing to do to give away part of your pocket money each week to the principal’s goddess wife, Zog, while kissing her feet and expressing gratitude for her existence. Once reported in the media, we’d be appalled, call it a cult, call it poisonous and investigate the $40k she raked in over the course of every school year (which, the media would also discover, she spent on lavish foreign holidays).

But the pupils were only doing what they had been taught to do, conditioned to do.

Teaching us shame and embarrassment about our vulvas, penises, testicles, breasts and nipples is essentially the same thing, except on an almost global scale.

Today’s Observer (i.e. the Sunday Guardian) newspaper in the UK carries a story about ‘Me and my vulva’, wherein women speak of their views and approach to an ‘intimate’ part of their body, one almost always hidden and not discussed as openly and frankly as we would our nose, our ears or our knobbly knees.

It also links through to a second article, almost two years old now, wherein men talk the same way about their penises.



Both are fascinating reads, and should be essential reading for people who are body-phobic, and who’ve not yet had the enlightened experience of freeing themselves of the cultish societal brainwashing that hasn’t allowed them to step into the light of body confidence and naturism (naturism often feeding the body confidence we initially lack when first disrobing in public).


Vintage Season 2019 (part 4)

Vintage season continues with a gallery intended to show the breadth and depth of historic naturism. Some practices -beauty pageants for example- no longer fit with the equality narrative, so are probably confined, forever, to the pages of naturist history. But many of the pastimes of golden age naturists (volleyball, outdoor showers, skinny-dipping at lakes, boats, a oneness with nature) all remain part of the modern naturist narrative.

Nambassa Festivale (New Zealand), 1979

Many thanks to readerĀ Gerald forĀ providing the photos and information below


The Plague on Stage at the 1979 event. Richard von Sturmer in blue. The second image shows Andrew McLennan aka Andrew Snoid In the backing group).Ā  Pictures by Gerald Couper.


The Plague was a New Zealand art/rock band that existed 1977-1979, featuring Richard von Sturmer. He and his backing vocalists (The Snoids, four singers) appeared naked on stage apart from body paint in 1979. He was quoted in Nambassa : a new direction as saying it was a way of being naked without being naked. (Add. Information from Wikipedia).

Nudity was a factor at all Nambassa festivals. In an atmosphere of openness and compelling spiritual flow, a sense of personal freedom and discovery prevailed and this led to a considerable amount of nudity in the most innocent sense. Thousands of people simply got naked and wandered the festivals with little or no clothing. Source:

Gerald (Guest contributor)

From the publisher…

Hi, everyone,

Since the demise of Eden Naturopolis late last year SLN HQ has been a skybox.

While it has been fine in terms of SLN staff (and my naturist friends) having a location, it removed us from being part of a naturist community, and a commitment to be integrated into SL’s naturist community is part of what we’re about!

It is only through engagement with other avatars that we can successfully promote the naturist ideal. Not all SL ‘naturists’ actually are RL naturists, and sometimes people get an odd idea about what naturism is all about. This is a thing that Ella continually tried to make clear in her posts, and I’m glad to see GG and Flo are continuing to promote a genuine naturist philosophy, but with their own twist on things.

I’m delighted to say that, as part of our need to engage with a SL naturist community I’ve moved SLN HQ to Lake Nekid, one of the few remaining genuinely naturist locations in SL (Su Casa and Lupes pretty much completes the list).

I expect to have completed the move from the skybox within the next week and Lake Nekid is the location we shall call home for the foreseeable future! SLN operations will centre on this, my new SL home and SLN centre of operations. If you’re a member, visitor, neighbour there, drop by and say hello!

Staff photographer Susie has already dropped by to take a few photographs as the move continues.I’ve not actually met any of my new neighbours yet (and it could be a while, GG, Flo and Susie are all likely to have made firm friends with them before I meet them, such are my irregular visits inworld).


The new SLN centre of operations



Naked farmers

With a resurgence in the the ‘naked swimming at the Y’ posts -a blog entry now with a renewed life of its own- during research I discovered this photo. In black and white it could be from any era, but there’s something nagging at me about the typeface that suggests 1940s and 50s, I don’t know why, which if I’m correct would tie in with the rather more casual approach to nudity we’re discussing in the ‘swimming at the Y’ posts.