Nambassa Festival 1979

An old thread relating to nude male swimming in high schools (in the 40s/50s/60s/70s) has gained some traction in recent weeks and become perhaps THE most popular thread on the board since IFlo and I took over.

Reader Gerald has mentioned the Nambassa festival in New Zealand and how it contained a lot of casual nudity.

We’ve been able to locate these photos from the Nambassa Festival of 1979.



3 thoughts on “Nambassa Festival 1979

  1. The black and white pictures are by John Lowe
    There are five pages. John Lowe is the current editor of the Free Beaches Newsletter of the NZ Naturist Federation. His photography covers festivals and hippie communities. The colour image credit is (Peter Terry). In addition, a band, The Plague, performed naked. The Plague was a New Zealand art/rock band that existed 1977-1979, featuring Richard von Sturmer. He and his backing vocalists (The Snoids, four singers) appeared naked on stage apart from body paint in 1979. He was quoted in Nambassa : a new direction, as saying it was a way of being naked without being naked. (Add. Information from Wikipedia). has two pictures.

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