Naked farmers

With a resurgence in the the ‘naked swimming at the Y’ posts -a blog entry now with a renewed life of its own- during research I discovered this photo. In black and white it could be from any era, but there’s something nagging at me about the typeface that suggests 1940s and 50s, I don’t know why, which if I’m correct would tie in with the rather more casual approach to nudity we’re discussing in the ‘swimming at the Y’ posts.


5 thoughts on “Naked farmers

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  2. Back in the 50s and early 60s we did a lot of farm work nude due to hot weather. It saved your clothing, cut down on laundry and cleanup could come from the horse trough, a farm pond or a garden hose at the house. Mostly the men and boys were nude out doors. However no one had A/C back then so sometimes the whole family skinny dipped and cooled of in the shade of a big tree.

    • I like hearing experiences of nudists enjoying their pastime somewhere else because normally many relate their experience either at some beach or some nudist camps.

      • Apparently we fortunate to live in a time that we did and place where did as nudity did not seem to bother many people back then. It was so common that as I got older and things changed I really thought little of it. However just like the HS swim and old YMCA photos and stories, male nudity around the farms was quite prevalent and on occasion so was female nudity too.

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