Nambassa Festivale (New Zealand), 1979

Many thanks to reader Gerald for providing the photos and information below


The Plague on Stage at the 1979 event. Richard von Sturmer in blue. The second image shows Andrew McLennan aka Andrew Snoid In the backing group).  Pictures by Gerald Couper.


The Plague was a New Zealand art/rock band that existed 1977-1979, featuring Richard von Sturmer. He and his backing vocalists (The Snoids, four singers) appeared naked on stage apart from body paint in 1979. He was quoted in Nambassa : a new direction as saying it was a way of being naked without being naked. (Add. Information from Wikipedia).

Nudity was a factor at all Nambassa festivals. In an atmosphere of openness and compelling spiritual flow, a sense of personal freedom and discovery prevailed and this led to a considerable amount of nudity in the most innocent sense. Thousands of people simply got naked and wandered the festivals with little or no clothing. Source:

Gerald (Guest contributor)

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