God help us all!

An advertisement for Agent Provocateur has been branded ‘sexist and pornographic’ in the UK. By Twitter snowflakes, as usual.

God help us all. She’s in lingerie. As a woman, all I see is lingerie. As probably worn by women who have a specific intent on their male (and female) significant others.

God forbid she’d go naked and acknowledge her body!

OK, the post’s not naturist, but symptomatic of a new puritanism sweeping the world. Little wonder naturism, even in SL, is in retreat. God help us if women have a vulva or breasts. God help us if men have a penis and testicles. Where does this sort of nonsensical approach leave naturism if we daren’t display, or semi display come to that, some bits of us? Are we, as naturists, sexists and pornographic?