Nambassa 78/79

Thanks to reader Gerald for providing many photos of the 1979 and 1979 Nambassa festival in New Zealand, when casual nudity was much more of a thing than it is nowadays!



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  2. Picture information, from the top: The first ten pictures: Nambassa 1978 The beach below at Homunga Bay; Nambassa 1978. Holistic workshop. There were workshops on every conceivable topic. This is using a naked man as a model; Nambassa 1979. Unisex showers. This festival is believed to have attracted 100,000. Nobody knows for sure as the organisers lost count. Many came in for free. It would be safe to say that the festival attracted every young person in the Auckland area. Those of us in Wellington couldn’t attend: it was on the Auckland provincial holiday weekend; Nambassa 1981 shows casual nudity in the crowd; Nambassa 1981. In the crowd; Nambassa 1981. In the crowd; Nambassa 1981. At the Information centre; Nambassa 1981. A naked young man; Nambassa 1981. No nudity in this one, but plenty of communal solidarity and spirit. A certain timeless, could be 2019, but for the vehicles.
    Nambassa 1981 was to be the last festival. It recorded an astonishing loss of $100,000 (NZ$456,000 today) after going head to head with the Sweetwaters Festival at Ngaruawahia on the same weekend;

  3. Picture information (continues). The remaining pictures. Nambassa 1981. In the crowd; Nambassa 1981. Skinny dipping; Nambassa 1981. Nudity in the crowd; Nambassa 1981. Two naked young women at Waitawheta River; Nambassa 1981. Mud people; Nambassa 1981; Mud people at the Village Market; Nambassa Mud people 1981. The mud people again; Nambassa Construction Team 1979. Set up. A number of pictures showing the site being prepared for the festival in 1979 show nudity. in this picture a member of the crew is working naked. Nambassa 1981. The mud people again; Nambassa The Plague. 1981. The naked band. This time 1981; Nambassa 1979. Houmunga Bay; Nambassa 1981. This shows Dan Hansen at the 1981 festival. Dan and his wife Edith founded the Wilderland community in 1964. This was an alternative community the purpose of which as to provide an example of sustainable and fairly self sufficient living In those years. Wilderland was a magnet for alienated and disaffected young people, and probably the best known alternative or hippie community in NZ. Nudity was pretty much commonplace at Wilderland and to the locals known as “Naked city”. Wilderland continues to this day. Dan Hansen had a particular interest in alternative technologies. Wilderland played a big role in the festivals especially with the provision of labour. Pictures: Houmunga Bay: John Lowe

    • Apologies for excluding the info you provided Gerald. I’d ‘saved’ the post and came back to it, copied more of the info, and seemed to have posted it in the first draft form, without commentary. My error. We’re still new to this blogging thing, so mistakes can and do happen.


      • Myself being a newbie on here but raised a nudist, so that won’t be a problem, just my sorting my way thru these nudist blogs which I’ve just discovered. Enjoyed the pic Gerald. Nice. Do you feel nudism in New Zeland has diminished somewhat since the late 70’s. I know they closed our nudist beach down on Fire Island, L.I., New York. But, that has only brought Sandy Hook nudist beach (New Jersey) very close to Manhattan – even MORE crowded than before. It is THE premier nudist beach for NYC, though we do have a nudist city beach, that all are welcome but mostly gays enjoy. Have no idea why, but it has been gay nudist for decades. But, like I said ALL nudists are welcome.

      • That’s a interesting question. There are naturist clubs. These generally date from the 1950s and have an older membership. Numbers have stabilised from a high point in the 1980s. Outside the clubs there are various places mainly beaches accepted as clothing optional. The law is fairly permissive on nudity and there is no law as such banning nudity in public. But there is legislation dealing with what is called offensive behaviour. The test is whether there is an intent to offend, being naked in its self is not considered offensive . The law would say there would be an intent to offend for instance say at the shopping mall but not on an isolated beach. Outside the clubs and free beaches nudity is particularly associated with the alternative festival scene in summer. Some festivals are known for this. One that comes to mind is Kiwiburn and Luminate to some extent. There are two commercial nudist parks and I am writing this from that at Katikati. Communities are generally fine with nudity though going naked was more prevalent in the 1970s. I have just visited one old hippie community and worked on the land naked for the several days I was there. The view I would have is that whether you are naked or clothed should be no different to whether you are warring sandals or shoes being naked should be thought of as just normal.

      • Overall it is not much different 40 years later. In some respects different though. The law has been clarified through a number of rulings. Free beaches that is unofficial places where nudity is tolerated can be found in maybe 20 locations in NZ. Hippie naturism is not so much in the public eye and more on the back burner anyway. The big change I would say is the development of large festivals in which nudity is an integral part as it were. Just on that basis there has been little change though Nambassa didn’t have hundreds running naked around a bonfire as you get at Kiwiburn.

  4. Yes. I’ve noticed much nudist — sunbathing stuff — at music festival’s like Coachella (CA). But, nude beaches are pretty much low key — no headline news anymore. NYC does allow nudity at its city beach RIIS PARK (Bay 6) — Its patrolled and considered National Parkland as its on the same barrier island that Fire Island is on, where we can be naked in The Pines/Cherry Grove/Water Island communities –they are all strung together with a mile or so apart from one another. But, Sandy Hook (NJ) has thousands of nudists and its considered a NYC beach area 20 minutes byperry from Wall Street (ferry is called ‘SEA STREAK’ kinda fitting. Eh.

    Arizona has so much Federal land which has no laws against nudity per se. I mean you can hike naked in our National Parks and most they will do if they feel its improper is say slip on your hiking shorts, etc. My nudist Dad’s property in AZ is over 200+ acres and we can roam freely nudist naked 24/7 which we do, and we have nudist workers, and neighbors nearby who are German old family nudist also. My family is 3rd generation nudist. My GrandDad I never saw wear clothing till I was a young boy. And I stayed with them a lot. Nudist are so much more blessed and open with their lives at least the ones my family and I know that cum stay with us.

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