Lawnmower Man

I’ve got one tattoo. A small one on my shoulder, much smaller in real life than it is on my SL avatar.

I’ve never felt the need to get a second one, but if I did, the photo above is exactly the tattoo I’d get! A stick man ‘mowing the lawn’ 😉

And there is a Second Life version, available for free on the Marketplace.

It comes with a little wisp of pubic hair. A second one is available for L$5 on the Marketplace too, without pubic hair.

This tattoo just amuses me. I may buy it and wear it in SL, even though that would mean my SL avatar not reflecting my RL self.


3 thoughts on “Lawnmower Man

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  2. I agree. I am not into tats for my naked body, per se, but I found your “lawn mower” tattoo quite nice and feels I can applaud your little lawn mower guy. Nice.

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